Our Commitment


Plastic is a scourge upon our oceans, sea life and shorelines. At Public Beach, nature is our number one source of inspiration, and we want to help preserve it. That is why we have decided to be an independent supporter of The Ocean Cleanup, an organization with an ambitious mission of ridding the oceans of plastic. Every year, the association aims at extracting plastic pollution from the oceans, prevent from reaching the ocean via rivers, and preserve marine life.

Tackling ocean plastic pollution,the largest cleanup in history.

Founded in 2013, The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization that produces cutting-edge technologies to extract plastic pollution from the oceans and preserve marine life. The organization designs and develops cleanup systems to collect the plastic that already polluting our oceans and intercept the plastic making its way to our oceans via rivers. It has established a passive cleanup method, which moves with the ocean currents—just like plastic—to effectively capture it. By deploying a fleet of cleanup systems, The Ocean Cleanup is aiming to remove 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch every five years, with the ultimate goal of removing 90% of ocean plastic. Only when the organization has reached this percentage will it consider its work done.

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